ACCA Business and Technology (BT/F1)

ACCA Business and Technology (BT/F1)

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About this course

The Business and Technology BT/F1 syllabus will teach you how businesses operate effectively, efficiently and ethically, and demonstrate the critical role that finance professionals play in achieving this. You will understand business in the context of its environment, including economic, legal and regulatory influences on aspects like governance, employment, health and safety, data protection and security.


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Study ACCA with BPP Online Classroom

Designed with flexibility, support, structure and success in mind, BPP’s Online Classroom is ideal for students who want the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever they want, combined with the support of a dedicated tutor. Students study at their own pace with access to the programme content, learning activities and assessments available at any time.


There are two types of online classroom options available: Online Classroom (OCR) which is pre-recorded and Online Classroom Live (OCR Live). The OCR and OCR Live courses cover the same syllabus content. The only difference between the two is in the mode of study/delivery of the programme which utilises different formats and timetables.


Awarding Bodies & Learning Partners

This qualification is awarded by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and is delivered through BPP.

Assessment Mode

This paper is assessed via an on-demand computer-based exam. On-demand exams can be taken at any point throughout the year and need to be booked through an ACCA exam centre in Malta. You can find a list of exam centres on the ACCA website:


How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply by sending an email to or by calling us on 2247 0737. Applicants will be provided with a link to complete our online booking form and will be requested to submit any relevant documents required to process the application.




Why study ACCA Online?

Our ACCA Online Classrooms give you the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever you want. Studying ACCA this way means you can study at your own pace with access to the programme content, learning activities and assessments available at any time.

Why study ACCA with BPP?

As an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner with over 40 years of experience in the training market, BPP have harnessed all the knowledge and best practices of classroom courses to design and develop a market-leading Online Classroom which enables students to develop their skills in a more flexible way than the traditional offline route.


When it comes to deliverability and flexibility, BPP’s Online Classroom is at the leading edge of course provision, offering students various flexible ways of studying including live and recorded tutor-led lectures and an online platform to help students structure their own time effectively. Aside from standard course material, BPP also offers students access to the award-winning BPP Momentum – an innovative learning approach which helps students at every step of their study to increase their chances of success.

What is the difference between OCR and OCR Live?

OCR and OCR Live are two different types of online study options. The only difference between the two is the mode of study/delivery of the programme which utilises different formats and timetables. Both cover the same syllabus, but Online Classroom (OCR) sessions are pre-recorded, whilst Online Classroom Live (OCR Live) sessions take place live.

Which option is best for me?

The Online Classroom (OCR) option gives you all the freedom and flexibility you could need since you can access the session at any time when you see fit – so if it’s complete flexibility that you’re after then this is the right study path for you. The Online Classroom Live (OCR Live) option, on the other hand, provides interactive online sessions at scheduled times, so if you like the discipline and motivation of structured classes, but want the flexibility of studying wherever then this is the ideal study route for you. The OCR Live Classroom provides everything you would expect from a traditional BPP classroom, but is delivered live online instead of in a classroom environment.

Who do I need to register with to start my ACCA journey?

Students need to register with ACCA via their website. The registration process takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once registered, ACCA will send you a unique student number which you will use to log in to their Portal. After registering with ACCA, students will need to register with MIA. Both registrations have annual subscription fees. More information on this can be found on the ACCA and MIA websites.

Are there minimum entry requirements to start ACCA?

To register for the ACCA Qualification, students need to meet ACCA’s Minimum Entry Requirements (MER). A list of the MER can be found on their website:


Those who do not meet the MER, can register with ACCA for the Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) exams. FIA is the flexible suite of entry-level awards developed by ACCA for those with little to no formal education in the fields of accountancy and finance. In this case, students will need to sit for the FAB/BT, FMA and FFA exams instead of the ACCA Qualification’s first three exams (AB/BT, MA and FA). The syllabus and content is exactly the same as the AB, MA and FA exams those registered directly on the ACCA Qualification would sit for. The only difference is that FIA is designed for those who wish to start out in the accountancy profession but have no formal qualifications. Once those registered on FIA pass the first 3 modules, they will be transferred to the ACCA qualification and be exempted from sitting for the AB/BT, MA and FA exams. Upon completion of the FIA, students will need to contact ACCA to change their registration and be transferred onto the ACCA Qualification directly.


The route to getting there is essentially not that different because the first three exams of FIA and ACCA are the same. FIA students simply need to undergo that extra step of contacting ACCA to change their registration.

What are On Demand exams?

The exams for the first three ACCA papers can be done On Demand. This means that students do not need to wait for the ACCA exam cycles and once they decide that they are ready to sit for an exam, they can call up a CBE centre in Malta and book their exam directly with them. You can find a list of CBE approved centres in Malta via this link:

When are the ACCA exam cycles?

ACCA exams happen in March, June, September and December. The first three exams do not follow this cycle as they are On Demand.

Please note that Maltese Variants (LW-MLA, TX-MLA & ATX-MLA) are only available in June and December. More information on how to book exams can be found on this link:

Should I follow a particular order when doing the ACCA papers?

There is no particular order that students need to follow when doing the ACCA papers. The rule is that students need to pass from the first 3 papers before doing the rest of the Fundamentals and before starting the Professional papers, students need to have passed from all the Fundamentals. It is advised that students start the Professional Papers with SBL or SBR and then continue to do the rest. ACCA also advises students to take the EPSM module before attempting the Strategic Professionals.

What else do I need to do to achieve the full ACCA Qualification?

Apart from successfully completing the 13 modules (9 Fundamentals and 4 Professionals), students must also do the EPSM module and complete 36 months of finance/accounting work experience.

What is PER?

To get the ACCA qualification, students need to complete 36 months of relevant work experience. The work experience can be in finance or accounting and does not need to be in an accounting firm. Students can also log the hours of any relevant work experience conducted before they started ACCA. More information can be found here:

What is EPSM?

The EPSM module is a 15-hour online module that students need to complete as part of their ACCA Qualification. This module looks at ethics and professionalism in the workplace and is of great help when doing the Strategic Professional exams. ACCA strongly suggests that this module is done before sitting for the Strategic Professional exams. More information about the EPSM can be found here:


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